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Designing your stationery online

We have put together this guide to help you with the our design studio tool. The design process can be a bit of trial and error on the more complex templates, however, you are welcome to design, proof, edit and re-proof as many times as you like.

how to design your stationery online with our design studio tool
  • 1: Paper/Card and envelope selection.
    Click on your chosen colours, The selected option will be shown with a red border, just as the Cream card and envelopes are in the above example.

  • 2: Text entry boxes
    This is where you can enter your details that you would like printed. Whilst it's up to you to decide what you would like to enter, most boxes will show a suggestion or prompt. Please note, some web browsers may now show the suggested text. A couple of tips about entering text.:
    • 2a: Please try not to enter lots of spaces in order to centre the text in a box, instead there is a Text Alignment selctor mentioned below.
    • 2b: If you want text split onto more than one line, ie your Address, then press 'Enter' on your keyboard after each line. The maximum number of lines you can enter will depend on the size of the print area allowed in the artwork template and the font size that you select.

  • 3: Special/Accented Characters
    If you require any special accented characters, typically found in Irish, Frech, German names etc then click on the [a] button and a selection tool will pop up with an extended character library. It will be inserted into the text box at the cursor position.

  • 4: Text formatting tools
    Thera are a range of options for each text entry box which are tailored to the template's layout, so not all options are always available.
    • 4a: Typeface:A choice of typefaces will pop up for you to select for each text entry box.
    • 4b: Ink Colour: Click on the ink colour to open up the choice of colours for each text box.
    • 4c: Font Size: You should be getting the hang of this by now, select the font size you require.
    • 4d: Alignment: There are various alignment options depending on the template, however it's a combination of left, right, centre and top, middle, bottom.
    • 4e: Underline: This option is typically used with Correspondence Cards where you can have a line across the card just below your address. You can adjust the line thickness to suit your design.